Monday, September 19, 2016

Blogging Is So Last Year...Or Is It?

Just about a week ago I had one of those know where you can't sleep no matter how hard you try! For hours I tossed, turned, stretched and internetted...where I finally landed on this old Garlick Press blog. A place I hadn't visited in nearly 18 months. Hello old friend! I never intended to stop blogging...I just did. After reading old posts for hours, I began to question why I ever quit. I learned and re-learned so much from visiting my old posts. It made me quite sad, to think of all the words and photos I had missed sharing in this space.

My main reason for blogging has always been for me. Although I am an avid Instagrammer... blogging still seems to be the best social media platform for expression of words and photos. 

I asked some friends and family about their thoughts and I received nothing but positive feedback to bring back my blogging. My favorite photography mentor said..."What if you could read your grandmother's blog?" Which caused me to think, what if someday Olivia could read my blog and learn about the first time I became a grandmother. What if someday Henry has a son that could read all about the silly things his dad did as a little boy? And what if Frankie's children could see all of those photos of her bright blue eyes and antennae pig tails on top of her head?

So much has happened over the past few here is my best attempt to recap a few of the highlights...and then I am moving forward..

High school prom

growing up son..

Senior pics

paddling on creeks.

Lacrosse takes state,

grand kids play date.

High School is done,

Lucy turns one.

Frankie's first birthday,

her beautiful family celebrate.

Vietnam was fun

and Chet shot a machine gun.

Smoking the bees,

family photos in the trees.

These kids love to play,

we celebrate another Jiggy Day.

Their wedding day was so pretty,

Garlicks said goodbye to home and Logan City.

Frankie and Bubba share a kiss

this college boy we sure do miss.

Splashing in November with the fishes

sharing December Christmas wishes.

I designed this for my class,

Aurora flew in, we had a blast.

Celebrating when the year was new

designing home plans with the guru.

Winters in Eden are snowy,

why not get a new puppy.

Dione proposed to Hailey

so thrilled for their new family.

Henry turns five

in the Bahamas we took a dive.

Escalante is our new fave,

Sierra and Tanner join the wedding wave.

Henry broke his ankle sledding in the snow,

Olivia learned to ski like a pro.

My favorite photo might be this one

Katie's engagement photos in the setting sun.

Frankie turns two

and six looks good on you.

Small town Eden is our jam

another quilt class just began.

So here we are! We have lived in gorgeous Eden for nearly a year now and construction has finally started on the new house. We absolutely love it here! While me miss Logan and friends...this new place fits us well. I think I like it here. I'll be back...and not in 18 months. I pinky swear!!!


  1. So glad to see you decided to return to blogland, no matter how long it lasts.

  2. Your blog is one of my faves. And all these photos are fantastic!

    1. Ellen...your comment means a great deal to me. Thank you for patiently waiting for me to get my head together.

  3. I could barely contain my joy when I opened Feedly and saw a new post here! Your blog has always been one of my favorites and I love keeping up with you and that beautiful family of yours. Welcome back! xo

    1. Goodness Miss Sally...thank you for the compliment and for sticking around.

  4. I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but your words paired with your pictures create something beyond special. You have a gift, my friend.

  5. This is stupendous! So happy you jumped back in! You have inspired me once again sweet friend xo

  6. Yay! I've long followed your blog after being introduced to it by Michelle. It's a strange thing, this blogging. We get to peek inside of your world and somehow we feel like we're a tiny part of it. I have missed your updates. Your blog is a feast for the eyes and a reminder of what great relationships are all about. What a treat to see some new posts!