Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birhday Shoutout

My favorite hubby (OK he's also my only one) is having a birthday today. Most men tell people they are 32 years old. I'm pretty sure Dean is also 32. Although most times he acts like he's 18. He fist bumps, listens to rap, and skis like a maniac. Through life's ups and downs, this guy has made my journey so fabulous and so much fun. There is never a dull moment at our house when Dean is around. With his strength, he keeps our family together and laughing all of the time. Love him!
Happy Birthday Deano

This is one of Dean's favorite places, the Uintah Mountains.

Reading his favorite book "Two Badd Babies" to
Francesca and Chet.

He's the man...looking very cool in Juicy glasses.


  1. 49!!!

    HE'S 49!!!!

    That is what daughters are for.

  2. BTW: The Bitches gave you a shout-out!


  3. Happy Birthday to one COOOOL dooood!
    49 and lookin pretty fine.