Thursday, February 5, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Traditions in our household hold strong and Superbowl Sunday is one of those. We get together and eat great food, pick our favorite team based on mostly whose uniform looks the best, and then cheer for our favorite commercials. Here are some highlights from this year's bowl-o-rama.

Yummy food!
Getting ready for the 3-d commercials thanks
for the glasses Caroline.

Pick your team... This bunch picked the Steelers
to win. Although Lindsay kicked Dean out of the
group towards the end of the game.
This group picked the Cardinals. They had the
best uniforms after all.

Caroline is taking in the 3-d thing. Pretty cool!

Peace out bro!

Do you think dogs can see 3-d even though they
don't see color? Just wondering...

Amazing commercials... almost better than the game.

Caroline napping after too much to drink.

This is the tippy-toe dance after Santonio Holmes
made the incredible catch in the end zone. Boy those
two kept rubbing it in.


  1. Is there another family in the "entire" world that has more fun than the Garlick's? You guys are great!

  2. Rockin Party!! Looks like you all had so much fun!!