Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Air 2009

Big Air 2009 was held Saturday at Beaver Mountain. We kept crossing our fingers for sun...we had some sun, along with some wind, some snow, and some cold temperatures. We were so excited to see our favorite ski buddy Gavin jump. His first jump was awesome but his ski released during takeoff. Amazingly he landed on his other ski and a boot. Gavin leaves for his mission in 1 month and we will miss seeing him at Big Air for the next 2 years.

Chet is looking totally "legit" in this photo.

Group shot with Izzy the lap dog.

Here are 2 of the craziest ski buddies you will ever
meet. Neither one of them skis their age.

Lori and Leanne and even Gary made the trip.

I captured Gavin's first jump with my new zoom
lens. Check out Gavin's loose ski in the lower right
hand corner of the picture.
Just loved Melanie the cow...not sure why she
wanted to be a cow that day.

Here's our favorite Big Air boy...and you should
have seen the size of the steak he devoured at
Hamilton's the night before.
These are some of my favorite girls...aren't they
the cutest things ever?

The Hlavaty's came up...this was Michelle's first
Big Air. Can you believe she's never been?
Gavin and Dean...what a pair.

Mama Lisa and 2 of her buddies Autumn and Sid.

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  1. Really great photos! Just LOVED that first one of Chet!!
    Glad you all had a fun day up there!