Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Little Boys are Made Of

This is what you get when your Sister and Brother-in-law go to Peru and bring you back a prize. What almost-12 year old wouldn't want to have this available for fun times? Chet has been asking if he can wear it everywhere. "Mom, can I wear this to tennis?" I said no...

I love this boy...he makes each day a treat!

Here we are trying to take a fun "girls only" picture
when we were ambushed from behind.


  1. What a great boy that Chet is!!
    I think I see two really "special" quilts peekig out. What an awesome family you have, you all inspire me.

  2. So fun! He does a good job of being a "man" in a home full of girls (even the dog!).

  3. Chet is the bessssst!! He makes us smile. I too spy two little quilts!!!