Monday, March 9, 2009

Heels or Flats

Dean just returned from a 10 day trip to Brazil. While he was there, I received a text message from him that said "Heels or Flats?" Apparently the country of Brazil makes beautiful designer shoes. So... my sweet husband was doing some shopping for me and wanted to know what I would prefer. I responded like any woman would and said..."Both!" The shoes are wonderful quality with fine leather, some bling bling on the flats, and incredible embossed soles. I would have to say they are the nicest pairs of shoes I've ever owned...and I've had a few shoes in my lifetime.


  1. You GO GIRL! You definitely have a keeper in that Dean of yours!!
    Can't wait to see what outfit you "already" have in your closet to wear.

  2. Sweet Lisa!! I love what he picked out. You are indeed a blessed woman to have that man!! (and those SHOES!)

  3. Great shoes, I think every girl deserves as many shoes as she wants or can hide.