Sunday, March 1, 2009

Road Trip

Dean was invited to a "guys only" cat skiing trip in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Somehow he talked Izzy and I into making the 7 hour drive with him. Did you know there are "pet friendly" hotels around? Highlights of the trip...hours of needlepoint applique quilting while driving, getting lost in Wy-freaking-oming when the GPS lady wants us to take the mountain pass that is closed in the winter, watching my giddy husband return from one of his best ski days ever, Izzy eating peanut butter from the hotel breakfast buffet, pancakes at a diner called Freshies, and most of all... hours of great company with my favorite man in the world. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about the long journey ahead and just enjoy the moment.

Izzy and Dean chillin' in the hotel.

Early morning start at Steamboat Powdercats

This is Tigger the snowcat. Apparently this thing
can get almost anywhere in the back country.

Dean doing what he does best and enjoying every
second of it.

Conditions were perfect. 5 days of previous storms
and a bluebird powder day.

There is a winter sports training facility right in the
middle of town called Howelsen Hill. Notice on the left
the old lift. You "ski" up the hill with this chair/seat thing
behind you. On the right there are many training ski
jumps. It was very fun to watch them jump.

Izzy and I found a beautiful place for a walk.

Is there a more spoiled dog than this one...I believe not.


  1. I swear Izzy knows how to pose for the camera...especially in that last picture!
    We skied with those lifts (the kind that you ski up the mountain)in Germany and HATED them because there is a point where you can finally lean into them, but I didn't know that and immediately went sprawling about 10 feet from the starting point. Mike (no left turns)would catch a ski in a track and end up off into the hill only half way up. Memories.....

  2. Sounds like it was a great trip! I agree with Kris, Izzy can pose for the camera - what a lucky doggie!

  3. PS...Dean looks VERY happy! What a gorgeous day!!!