Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jog 4 Jiggy

I love these people! This is the 2nd annual "Jog for Jiggy" held in conjunction with the SLC 5k and Marathon last weekend. These fabulous friends of Dione honor and remember our Jocie by running their little legs off in a 5k and a few even run a half marathon. I am so impressed by every one of them! Each year they design a new t-shirt for the event. With a little luck, my new ACL and I hope to be there next year. We love you guys and think you are awesome!

Go Big or Go Home

The fabulous Jog for Jiggy runners

Cheesing it up for the camera?

Sisters Sarah and Caroline were there. Sarah
is so great at organizing and putting it all together.
Caroline actually completed the half-marathon.
You rock girls!

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  1. How awesome! Loved the T-Shirts and those beautiful smiles!!