Sunday, June 14, 2009


Do you remember the scene in Legally Blond when Elle Woods receives a 179 on the LSAT exam that easily gets her into Harvard? What you may not know is that 180 is perfect. "What like it's hard?" Dione has been studying at a feverish pace and took the exam last Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning I took her to the airport for a summer internship at Georgetown University and Law School. She will be taking classes and working for the law school. Pretty cool right? As Friday was her 21st birthday it was a big week for Dione. We had a wonderful dinner with friends and family the night before the big test. I went all out and fixed fresh Alaskan salmon with wild mushrooms in a phyllo crust, warm French Brioche, a lemon and fresh herb couscous and a lovely garden fresh salad straight from the back yard. Dinner was followed by a coconut layer cake with "179" on top. Love you Didi...hope you have a great summer in DC.

Never a straight face out of Dione.

A very common occurrence with the sisters, it's piano
duet time. An all time favorite..."Triple Dip" done
with 6 hands. Missing the "red one" I stepped in
and made my best attempt. Miss you every day Jocie!

Elegant piano player hands, the girls all have them.

Uncle Chi-pod as Cass lovingly calls Chet posing
with Dione...he will miss her this summer.

This is what happens when I say "picture time".
Even Sammi wanted to get in on it.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Dean...
there is a rare hint of a smile across his face.

It wouldn't be a family photo without Izzy.


  1. What an amazing family! Each of you so unique and talented yet so perfect together.

    Dione - YOU ROCK! Elle Woods has nothing on you!!

  2. Beauty AND brains...gotta love Dione!