Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's her Mother's Daughter

Cass came up over Memorial Day weekend to hang out with the family while Bob was hanging out in Canada for business. I spent some time teaching her how to machine quilt. She was working on a baby quilt she had pieced for her friend Jayme who just had a beautiful baby boy. I was so impressed by Cassandra's "I can do this" attitude. She has such great confidence and quickly learned to make the machine meander through the layers. It was a wonderful "mother moment" to watch my daughter create something fabulous for someone she cares for dearly!

Here is the mad scientist turned quilter for the day.

Dione doesn't quilt yet...she is studying crazily for
the LSAT, which is the entrance exam for law school.

Cassandra's dogs Maggie and Sammi are never far away...
content to sleep at her feet as she quilts her project.
The finished quilt. I absolutely loved
her choice of fabrics.


  1. Such a cute quilt! I keep hoping Marci will get into it...but so far no luck! That Cassandra is amazing!
    Good luck on the LSAT Dione!

  2. Wow what a cute quilt. Aunt Lisa maybe one day I will get brave and ask you to teach me! Hope life is great!

  3. LUCKY!!! I can't even get Jessica to sew on a button. Maybe some day???

  4. you go girl! what a great eye for color!! loved it.