Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bee Update

"Umm Dean, I think your bees are at my house, they seem to be lost!" "I think I may have been stung by one of your bees when we were down in Ogden." In response to these neighbor comments Dean asks what color legs they have, because his bees only have pink legs. Haha! The bees are actually doing fabulous. Dean has added a second story to their home and they are busy filling it up. He hopes to add the honey supers (our honey cache) within the next two weeks. All of this rain, has brought the blossoms out and the bees are literally busy bees! Dione was very brave and geared up to go play in the hives with her Dad one day.

Dione in the suit...a little creeped out at first but
became more comfortable after a bit.
Dean and Dione looking for Queen Caroline.

Caroline is at the bottom of the wooden frame, just
about in the middle. She looks more like a bug than
a bee. Isn't she cool?

Our first dip of fresh honey from Queen Steve's hive.

Official honey expert Chet weighing in on the taste.


  1. Dione looks so cute in that bee suir! Oh, I am so jealous...our bees must be slow honey yet. We aren't even to our second box. Are you still feeding them? The second package of bees finally decided to stay in our top-bar hive...thank goodness.
    Must admit, I love to go out to check on them at least twice a day. Still need to name our queens. I think they will be Elizabeth and Diana.

  2. I meant suit, not suir. Maybe I do have a brain concussion afterall.

  3. Good girls!! They are happy at your house. Dione does look right at home and Chet, very happy with his job. Lisa, the photos are wonderful! The spoonful of honey is just divine!!