Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pork Chops and Applesauce

Do you remember on The Brady Bunch when Peter decided to get a new personality and began to imitate Humphrey Bogart? He told his family they were having "Porckschops and Appleshaush" for dinner. My good friend the Divine Debi who is mother to The Fabulous Miss M shared some lovely apples with us last weekend so we could make applesauce. Dean is always such a good sport to help with my projects. We canned 45 pints of fresh, delicious applesauce. It is sure to be a wonderful treat on an upcoming cold winter's evening. Thank you Divine Deb for your generosity of spirit and apples.

Start with some freshly picked yellow gold apples.

Put them in the "boilin' pot" until soft.

Ask your favorite hubby for a little help.

And like magic...the strainer separates the crud from the applesauce.

Bottle them up and process for 20 minutes.

I have really enjoyed doing some canning this summer.
Maybe I am a squirrel storing my nuts for winter
maybe I am just nuts!

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  1. You are to SWEET! We had pork roast and applesauce ( a bottle didn't seal) yesterday. There is satisfaction knowing that we can use what we have been given on this earth. I love the sight of a pantry filled with beautiful bottles of produce.
    We have MORE APPLES if anyone wants some.