Sunday, September 20, 2009

True Love

This is what you get when your hubby really loves you...50 pounds of your favorite Red Popcorn that is only available this time of year...surprise! Thanks sweetie! I need to eat nearly 1 pound of popcorn per week to finish this off by next year. Maybe instead of Pie Night this year it will be Popcorn Night.

If you've never tasted red popcorn before let me
know, I'm sure I can share a kernel or two.



  1. Camber would like to place an order - can you buy it in smaller quantities?? She has raved about this stuff and popcorn is her all time fav snack.

  2. Mike is a popcorn-aholic! We've never seen the red stuff...where do you buy it?
    Also, posted that recipe on Pcats.

  3. Never had it, but we love popcorn at our house. When I was growing up we had popcorn every Sunday night, we had a popcorn popper that mounted under the cabinet and everyone thought it was a coffee maker ... SCANDAL in the neighborhood!!!