Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Uncle Kracker and a Quilt

Chocci is a dear friend of the family, practically one of my own. Whenever I hear the song Freaky Girl by Uncle Kracker I think of Chocci and Cass as teenage girls playing hours of Nertz and listening to the song over and over and over again. Did I mention over? There are seriously so many Chocci and Cassandra stories to tell... maybe another time. Recently, my heart was truely touched while attending a wedding shower for Chelsea (Chochi's other name). She has grown up into a fabulous young woman about to embark in her next journey as a wife with a wonderful guy who loves and adores her. I just love it when that happens. There are people in our lives that no matter what happens or where our journey takes us, their friendship is deeply embedded within. It might be years since we have talked, or even heard from each other...but that connection withstands the trials of time and life. And so it is with Cass and Chelsea. As 17 year old girls, these two started quilt blocks when they were bored one high school summer. They never finished, I think their social life got in the way. Cass and I decided to quickly turn the unfinished blocks into a quilt for a fun wedding shower surprise. It was perhaps...one of my sweetest "quilter" moments. We love you Chochi and we wish you many fabulous years with your man!

Here is the sweet quilt, the colors were still great even after
all those years in the closet.

Chochi and Cass back in their high school glory days.


  1. Why do I look like I have a lazy eye in the lower picture?

  2. Loved seeing the quilt! It rocks!
    Friends are so wonderful.
    So are quilts.

    Beautiful story, girls and quilt.

    Maybe you were just going into *wink* mode, Cassandra.