Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Christmas Augenblick

Through a very dear friend, I recently learned the meaning of a beautiful German word. Augenblick means in a literal sense "eye blink". Figuratively, the word is much deeper and means "What I saw at that moment". I watched as my tender, young son unwrapped his long overdue "Jiggy quilt". He recognized each of his sister's t-shirts and his memories came flooding back. As he enveloped me in his arms I had my own augenblick that would define this Christmas for me.

Days later...this sweet boy would say to me "Mom I had a good Christmas!"...and that is just what I needed to hear.

I wonder what your augenblick was this holiday season?


  1. I wrote a paper for one of my classes this fall about quilts and how they have shaped my life. I believe this quilt will always be a precious part of your life. Know that you are loved and next year you are invited to "fry fest" 2010, but it may have to be at your house my kitchen is not near big enough!

  2. I was blessed with many and they all involved family and love. So glad you ere able to finish that for him. It's the best!!

  3. These last two blogs are so tender Lisa. Thanks for sharing...love you and the fam so much!

  4. Wow, how tender, Lisa. I had an augenblick last week. I was deleting old emails and came upon one from you I hadn't opened. You had sent me a picture of Jocie for the painting I gave you for Christmas. My mind flooded with memories of her smiles and laughter on the powder day when we let her and Trevor skip school.