Monday, January 18, 2010

Are The Red Air Days Really Over?

Awww... January in Cache Valley... what a treat it is! We just had about 3 weeks straight of the weather phenomenon known in Utah as Inversion. Freezing cold temperatures trapped in a valley of haze and fog, while the mountains are sunny and warm. It was so bad this year, that for several days Logan was awarded the title of Worst Air In The Nation.

My camera sits idly waiting for something of color to emerge from the blanket of sludge. This is all I can capture.

The sweet birds that live through the winter in these trees won't even come out to sing.
One of the pine trees in the back yard looks like it has a heavy coat of fresh snow... not snow, just the dreaded heavy frost.

And then there's Izzy... wondering where her daily walks in the fresh air have gone. It's enough to make man and canine crazy...

So what to do...
how about fresh bread rising in a warm kitchen...

or a steamy bowl of lentil soup...

a fire in the fireplace... can you see my reflection?
Ding...timer's done! Fresh warm bread on the table. Goodbye inversion, hopefully for good, the storms are lined up for the week!


  1. Red being one of my favorite colors, just not for air ratings!!!
    we are so ready for a beautiful blanket of snow to cover the valley and the mountains. I'll be over for lunch, looks so yummy.

  2. Such a great pho-tog you are Miss Lisa!
    Hurray for the sunshine! AND snow ... wherever it is.

  3. That JUST about made me want to come live with you...just not in Logan!! ;)