Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a birthday...

I have been really excited about this weekend.

Our favorite hubby/dad is celebrating his 50th birthday. Here he is, just a few years ago...
The family escaped to a wonderful condo in the Ogden Valley and skied Friday at Snowbasin. On Saturday we re-discovered our new favorite place Powder Mountain. Dean and I grew up on that mountain. Jocie added her touch with tons of fresh powder for her favorite ski buddy.

Cassandra made her daddy a Tarte de Pomme for the occasion. Don't you love her post-ski hat?

It was extremely delicious! The recipe came from Julia Child's famous cookbook. Love your culinary skills Cass!

Nothing like a french pastry after a full day of skiing.

The Chet man skied his little heart out for 2 days straight. The powder was 2 feet deep and he ripped his way through it.

Following 2 phenomenal days of skiing we had Dean's birthday dinner at a quaint little restaurant up Ogden Canyon called The Grey Cliff Lodge. The restaurant looked almost magical in a blanket of fresh snow.

Once a family home, the restaurant has been around for years

and is nestled next to the Ogden River. I love how my camera captures the snowflakes.

I know this is a big birthday and he would rather not have it...but I love this man. I love that he still skis like a 20 year old and acts like one too. I love how he can make me laugh harder than anyone else. I love that he "gets me" and is my biggest fan. I love that no matter what life throws at him, he is strong and unbreakable. I love that we found each this whole wide world the two of us met and started a life together. And that is why I wanted this weekend to be so special...

The Grey Cliff Lodge is famous for their fresh trout. And the waitress will even remove the bones for was amazing to watch her do it so easily.

The birthday boy and I... what a perfect ending to a perfect birthday ski day.

Back at the condo we had some chilaxing time. We played a little game I called "How well do you know Dean Garlick". Bob won...isn't that funny? Cass, Dione, and Chet were very annoyed at that.

Then we played Cranium... boys against the girls. It was total denomination by the girls. This is Dione's "you really think you can beat us" face.

Our fabulous friends Lori and Kelly stopped by for a birthday hello. Dean and Lori have been good friends for a long time. She gave him some fun travel skin care supplies and instructed him on the proper way to care for his skin now that he is older...that was fun to watch!

All weekend we worked on a new puzzle. Something the family likes to do.
The weekend was fabulous! The kids put together a 50th birthday surprise video for their Dad and it was absolutely awesome. Bob put in extra effort, pulled an all nighter and finished the video at 5:15 am the morning we left for the condo. Thanks Bob!

Happy Birthday Dean...we love you!
Here's to 50 more with you!


  1. What a fabulous tribute! Loved the pics...especially the first one! Happy Birthday Dean. Hope to see you on the mountain soon.

  2. Looks like the Birthday Weekend was truly magical in the "Garlick Family" kind of way! Happy 50th Dean.

  3. Happy Birthday Dean! What a wonderful weekend. I had a big smile on my face during this entire entry ~ just imaging how much fun you all must have had. One cool family, the Garlicks are! And beee-u-tiful photos, Lisa!

  4. Happy B-Day Dean! 50 ain't so bad...I'm still standing. lol See you on the slopes. And Lisa, that was a sweet and sentimental birthday. It's good to spoil our family.