Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Meat Day

We have many traditions in the Garlick family. We always go skiing on Christmas Eve, we have fabulous Superbowl parties and we never eat anything larger than our heads.

But perhaps our favorite tradition is Meat Day!

Meat Day also just happens to be on Mother's Day. It involves a decadent gourmet buffet from Snowbasin. We prepare days in advance by limiting our food intake...anticipating the feast. When the day arrives, it's time to put on your meatin' pants.

The thing about meat day, is there are no rules. You can eat several plates full of savory dishes including slow roasted prime rib, crabclaw with chipotle sauce, and grilled eggplant and polenta stack. Then on to deserts like Lemon Hats, Passion Fruit bavarios, and cherry cream leche.

And then you see it...

the Fennel Seed encrusted leg of lamb with minted red wine reduction sauce. So then you're off for more meat...thus Meat Day!

The question is Dione...what to eat next?

It takes us roughly two hours to completely stuff ourselves ridiculously full and then it happens...we call it meat sweats! We giggle ourselves silly until it hurts!

My oldest child is finishing up her Meat Day extravaganza with a seafood platter. Yup...she slurped down oysters after that huge meal. Now that takes skill!

This is about desert number 10 for The Boy...Mousse Cake.

After we pull ourselves up from our cushy chairs, loosen our belts, and waddle's time for the traditional Meat Day pics on the plaza.

Bob and Cass had to stop and get Diet Cokes so they wouldn't go into a Meat Day coma on the way home.

My kids...I love them all. See those faces, those are the satisfied faces of kids with the meat sweats!

And this handsome guy makes it all possible. Thanks for an another amazing Meat Day, honey! I can't wait for next year.

Time to go...what's this? A Go Jiggy sticker at did that get there?

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  1. Dear Mom,

    Your blog is fantastic. I love reading it. And this entry really made me giggle. And I love all the red boot pics too. You're the best. I'm glad you picked up blogging!


    The Master Meateater