Sunday, July 4, 2010

Park City Ski Town Shootout

The boy has been busy with lacrosse this Spring and was invited to play with the team at a tournament in Park City. The team worked hard in preparing for the upcoming games, knowing they were going against some tough competition. The very first opponent was the San Diego 8th Grade Select. Basically the very best 8th graders from San Diego were playing our mostly 7th graders from little Logan. It was a tough tournament to say the least, but the team learned a lot. There were teams from all over the country...Texas, Colorado, California, Illinois, etc. Our boys learned a lot and had a great time.
Here is The Boy and his team posing after the final game. These boys are such great kids...we really loved cheering them on. You would have thought the last game was the NCAA lacrosse finals as excited as the parents were.

The Boy looking tough...and tired after a total of 5 games in 2 days.

Of course Izzy came along...she spent the night at Bob and Cassandra's since our hotel discriminates against Goldendoodles...haha!

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