Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Grand Marshalls

Dean's parents...Unni and Gramps were bestowed the dubious honor of being the Grand Marshall of Farr West City's Independence Day Parade. Owen has lived in Farr West his entire life except for the time that he spent on an LDS mission. Chet asked what it meant to be a Grand Marshall. I replied that it basically meant that his grandparents were the prom queen and king of the parade. Farr West has grown over the years since Dean grew up there, but it still has that small town America feel.

Aren't they the cutest couple...enjoying every second of their grand marshall-dom! I snapped this picture right before the horse pulling their carriage started freaking out. ? Lucky for Unni & Gramps someone jumped up from the sidelines and started leading the horse forward.

When you come from a small town, it turns out you know just about everyone in the parade. Here is cousin Kelly parading as Tinkerbell.

There is something about these shirts that I adore...they really say Happy Independence Day

OK so personally...horses and I aren't friends...but I do like to admire them from afar.

More people we knew...Cody and Uncle John were in charge of horse poop patrol. It's not really very glamorous but I guess someone has got to do it...just not me!

I'll bet you've never seen this in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And yes...they were throwing out candy from the trunk!

The Farr West parade had the usual classic cars...this one had a rumble seat complete with darling little ones.

Also, people throw out the strangest things in small town American this bag of salted peanuts. Chet is wearing his new shirt from China that Dean brought home. It has absolutely nothing to do with America, or Independence Day...I think the writing means "dragon".

One of Farr West's residents owns a car dealership, which explains the Camaro entry in the parade. There must have been about 1o of these super cool cars in the lineup. Also more people we turns out that cousin Logan was driving this black one.

OK so I don't think we knew these people, I just got a kick out of Dad riding with his daughter on her Barbie fashionable!

This is Dean's sister Annette...she was in charge of parade details. She is on very official parade move!...please?

More people we know...this is Chet's friend who lives next door to Unni and Gramps. He always hangs out with him when Chet stays with Unni and Grandpa. I have no idea what his official parade entry was for...maybe he is drumming up lawn mowing business. He is holding a water balloon and told Chet he couldn't throw it at him because he was saving it for someone else.
OK fine...if you say so!

This float was the Wahlquist Junior High Student Body brought back many memories of when I was an SBO at Wahlquist..."Oh Wahlquist we love school in the land". I'll spare you the rest. Can you believe I remember my school song from Junior High?

Perhaps my favorite speaks for itself!

Every parade needs a beauty queen...this is Miss Teen Continental...whatever that means...she was beautiful just the same!

And the best for last...Help Hayden Heal!

Hayden is 5 years old and in desperate need of a liver transplant. Hayden's friends and family were out parading to get help in paying for a life-saving surgery this sweet young boy needs. This one got to Dean and I. Dean quickly stuffed some cash in the collection can...and then a little while later he added some more.

And here is that cute Hayden passing out candy from his float.

Sweet child...I wish you the very best!

Overall, it was a great Independence Day. I feel very lucky to have been born in this great country. I have travelled around this wide world enough to realize how truly blessed we are! It was fun to be part of small town America again. Oh and I forgot to mention the fabulous young Miss Kylie was in the parade (missed her picture, darn it), and Dean's sister was the DJ for the entire carnival. We were able to see people that day we hadn't seen in many years, including Coco (better known as Collette) and her darling family...who chastised me for not posting to my blog since Meat Day. So Coco...this entry is for you!


I hope you all had a fun Independence Day wherever you were!


  1. Oh I love it!!! Looks like our family celebrations had a similar feel!

  2. Ha! Pretty sure my cousin went to Walquist Jr. High! My dad grew up in West Weber.

    Fun post!
    Happy Birthday America!

  3. Thanks for coming back out into the blogging world. Missed all the small town parades this year, but your commentary was great! I really can't believe you remember Wahlquist's song! Your words sounded vaguely familiar, lol!

  4. Oh I feel so honored! I love your post, it was perfect! You captured the essence of the parade so well. I did not take one picture, but if I had, I certainly would have wanted the same pictures (except maybe John and Cody on poop patrol!). It was great seeing all of you and catching up for a few minutes. I am quite envious of Dean's garden. How about sending me the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!