Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strummin' his Way Back to School

The Boy started his last year of middle school and I believe I echo most of the moms in the blogger universe who are wondering exactly how this happened so quickly.  What happened to summer days at the pool and baking fresh cookies while the boys were out playing lacrosse?

A friend told him this week that he always has the coolest t-shirts.

The boy is learning more each day on the guitar.  His sisters and I remind him of all the benefits of knowing how to play...
Guy with a guitar equals "chick magnet"!

  Now if we can just get him to sing along.

The Boy stirs my heart when he picks and strums his was Jocie's guitar before he discovered it gathering dust in her quiet room. His sweet music takes the edge off of the difficult days when I feel the emptiness of not having the Red One here for what would be her senior year at LHS.

And then I get to take Jocie's girlfriends out to lunch.  The man who snapped this pic asked me if they were all my daughters.  I smiled and said "Yes they are all mine!"  During lunch the girls and I discussed many important things.  What are their plans following graduation?  Who will be the first one married?  Who has never even been kissed?  Who is "the dark horse"?  We laugh and smile and soak up each other's memories of Jocie. 

It feels good and it is enough for now...

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