Thursday, August 19, 2010

When Dreams Come True And Could You Please Pass the Bilar

Early Friday morning we turned on the GPS and entered Dione's new UCLA address...and we were off. Just a few short 778 miles and we would be there.  With an estimated driving time of 13.8 hours, I knew I was going to need some serious Diet Coke to survive...but not too much...too many potty stops!

 This is an actual law classroom where Dione will undoubtedly spend many hours learning how to be lawyerly. 
We spent Saturday moving in boxes and furniture, Ikea shopping, Trader Joe's shopping, and finally a visit to the law school campus where Dione beamed as she showed us around.

 The Boy drove 1600 miles round trip just so he could spend as much time as possible with his sister...he loves her like that!

  So...I'm not usually the ridiculous mom who makes the family buy matching UCLA Law school hoodies and take pictures out conspicuously in front of the law school sign. 

 But perhaps all that driving went to my head...because here we are.

Notice that all the UCLA law hoodies are back in the bags the boys are carrying. 

 Incredible sycamore trees on campus...I know they are sycamore because I know how to use "the google"!

 The campus was beautiful and large...and beautiful!  Thank you Dione for that nice pose.

Dione's apartment is a few miles from Venice Beach so we threw on our booty shorts and roller blades and went out for a stroll on the pier.  OK...we didn't all throw on booty shorts...just Dean did...OK none of us did.  But we did have a very fabulous dinner and watched the sun set over the ocean.

 Early the next morning we turned on the GPS and entered our home address...and we were off. Just a few short 778 miles and we would be there...with an estimated driving time of 13.8 hours.  Wait...didn't we just do that...oh that's right, but we were going West that time. 
And this is what LA looks like from the freeway at 6:00 am and the smog hasn't burned off yet.  Do you think Dione can hold her breath for 3 years?

 And this is what 778 miles looks like.  If you look way out in the distance you can see Whiskey Pete's.  I don't know how Whiskey Pete is able to build a hotel in the middle of the desert and get people to come stay there. 

A few beautiful pics from the Virgin River Gorge portion of the trip...way too many Bilars (yummy Swedish candy you can only buy from Ikea) and we arrive home only 11 hours after we left LA.  Dean would like to especially thank his radar detector for saving him from at least 2 tickets!

So excited to watch our girl over the next 3 years as she learns how to be lawyerly! 

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