Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guitar Hero

Since the inception of The Garlick Press blog I have referred to this guy as" The Boy".  However, "The Boy" is morphing into "The Teenager" at warp speed. 
All summer he has been diligently mowing lawns and saving the cash for a special purpose.  Side note... his feet seem to be growing faster than the lawn. 
And today was his payoff.

Meet "The Boy" and "The Beast."

The dudes at the guitar store told him that he could be the next Chet Atkins or maybe even Jack Johnson.

When he speaks, I have to look around to see who else is in the room...or is he just catching a cold as his voice deepens daily. 

I am pleased with The Teenager's new discovery of himself in music.  The Boy has been my hero for quite a while now, and it seems The Teenager will now be my Guitar Hero.

Rock on Dude!

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