Monday, October 4, 2010

Table For 6 Plus a Baby

Dione flew in Friday night for a quick 36 hour visit to meet her "niece baby" Olivia Jocelyn.  She instantly fell head over heels in love with this beautiful babe, and it was her turn to spoil her.  Dione was finally able to give Olivia some Auntie Didi lovin!  How nice to take a break from lawyer-ness and participate in baby-ness, even if for just a few hours. And then it was back to LA Sunday morning with her textbook laden luggage!

It's so nice to have a thoughtful son-in law who suggested that we celebrate our "Jiggy Day"  dinner a week early while we were all together in the same state.  Jiggy Day is our tradition to celebrate the life and legacy of our fabulous Jocie with crazy gifts, good food, and all around fun!  

As the hostess at Market Street Grill turned to seat us, she said "Let's see...reservation for 6 plus a baby?"  Yes, yes, that's us...table of 6 PLUS a baby.  It made my heart leap from my chest to hear it spoken.  
How our lives have changed since last Jiggy day...
Our little family has grown to a table of 6 plus a baby.  
And isn't that just lovely!


  1. That Chet is such a handsome guy...and we need more photos of baby Olivia. Sounds like you had a great time together. So glad Dione got to come out for a quick visit. Olivia will grow so quickly!

  2. ah, that's a beautiful phrase "plus a baby."