Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The sleepover

Imagine if you will...a sleepover invitation from my grand baby girl!  
Olivia called last week (she is developing cell phone skills at an early age) and asked if I'd come hang out with her Mommy since Daddy was going out of town on business.
I absolutely couldn't wait for the day to arrive.  
It was such fun to be a part of her little baby routine for a while.  Cassandra is a beautiful mother and loves every moment of having Olivia in her life.

Remember the first time you saw a newborn take a bath?
  Olivia cried as we placed her little naked self in the tubby...then really cried when the air began to circulate and cool her moist pink skin. 
And then the sweetest moment...her Mommy began to sing.
"Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea"  
Just a few notes and those baby blue eyes found her Mommy's face and all was quiet and still.  

"Swim so wild and you swim so free.  Heaven above and the sea below.  And a little white whale on the go."

Isn't that something...the power of a Mommy's love and tender voice?  I will never forget that moment, the amazing connection of my daughter with my grandaughter.

And then it is out of the tub and into the Monster Towel.   Why is it only the little ones get to have sweet cool monster towels...I'd love to wrap up in one after a hot tubby!

Freshly caressed with lotion and dressed in pink jammies, we settle into the sofa Olivia and I, to chat with her Mommy about this and that.  My job was to keep her awake until bedtime.  Before I know it...woops...she's fast asleep and feels simply warm and delicious nestled in my arms.  I got in trouble with her Mommy for that one.

A quick wake up for Olivia and a scolding for Grandma, then it's burrito time!  
Cass has this intricate process of wrapping Olivia tightly in a receiving blanket in preparation for sleeping...

it is called the Burrito and she loves it!  She feels so secure and warm.
All snugged up and ready for sleeping, we read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and giggled after each page.  Olivia and I learned a valuable lesson...never share our cookies with mice.

4 ounces of formula and a whole bunch of Grandma snuggling and it's off to bed for Olivia.
As usual Cass gets up with Olivia as she wakes for her 2 am feeding.
Not as usual...Olivia doesn't go right back to sleep. 
That's my bad!
 I accept full responsibility for previously letting her doze off after her tubby.  But it was worth it! 
Cass wakes me and does a hand off to Grandma about 3 am.  Then she tumbles back to bed for another minute or two of sleep.
I settle into the rocker with a wide awake baby.  
You should have seen those baby blue eyes...they were enormous, and not one bit sleepy!  
So...Olivia and I talk and snuggle and sing some lullabies.  
I need to bone up on those...I can't remember what comes after "Momma's going to buy you a Mockingbird"!  

I snapped this pic in the dark around 4:30 or 5 am when she finally drifts off to sleep.  I really can't remember the time...my mind was tired...dizzily happy...but tired!

Hello...it's 7 am.  Olivia is awake, dressed in a bright pink dress and ready for the day.

A little morning snuggle with Mommy and Maggie in the background.

I was lucky enough to wake up to Miss Maggie stepping all over my head and body with her gigantic brown paws.

And then Miss Sammi came along and gave me a morning slurp on the cheek!
I sure love my grandawgs even if they are part crazy!

It's time for some morning exercise in the jungle...and wouldn't you know it Daddy calls from the airport.  He caught an early flight because he missed his baby girl so much.

Mommy and Olivia are very excited!  Even though Olivia looks like she just "crapped her chaps!" 
 That's what my dad always used to say about his grandkids.

Sigh...oh the life of a newborn!
Another bottle and she's off to the land of Wynken and Blynken and Nod again.

Goodbye and sweet dreams Olivia...thanks for the sleepover.
Let's do it again real soon!


  1. Ummmm...I do believe that baby has stolen someone's heart...in a big way. So sweet!