Friday, October 8, 2010

Jiggy Day 2010

Every once in a while...less now than before, we discover some priceless mementos left behind from Jocie.  It might be a note, or a card, a quote she had written down so she could recall it for later.  Or in this case...web cam pictures.  I thought I'd share some self-portraits that Jocie took using just her simple web cam and some occasional fun edits. 

Today is Jiggy Day and my beautiful red-haired girl would be celebrating her 18th birthday

So I ask that as you read this, whoever you are and wherever you are... take a moment and embrace your life completely.  Do something fun and crazy just because you can!  Whether it's ice cream for dinner, a midnight movie, or driving with all the windows open and your favorite music playing extra loud.  Soak up all those around you with all of your energy and deepest affection.  Do not miss another moment...because Jocie never did! 

Remember, she always said...Go Big or Go Home!

I am often asked if it gets any easier...this losing a child planet that I live on.  Quite does not.  I absolutely still miss Jocie today, as much as yesterday and the day before, and my heart will still ache for her tomorrow.  There are days when it's still just too much to comprehend even now.  But most days I have figured out how to balance that tremendous grief with all the beauty that surrounds me.  For all the love and support that is shown to me and my family, I am abundantly grateful!  And family will be  "Gettin Jiggy with it", I hope yours will too!

If you'd like...leave me a comment and let me know how you were able to celebrate Jiggy Day in your own fun way. 


  1. Oh pahleeeze those pic's?! BEAutiful!! So I'm having a diet coke, listening to my "Jiggy music, you recorded for me and the one hit wonders she recorded for me, and I'm eating raisins. Ya go figure. I am reminiscing about a day we listened to some good tunes together on the banks at Marsh lake and some great talks on the ski lifts with all the "The Colors" of the family. I was thinking about how she could drop off in nothing flat and sleep like a baby after a hard day of skiing. "Eat, Ski, Poop" the RED ONE had the important things figured out!!!

  2. A visit to Sweetly Divine and the purchase of two tarts. ::Lemon::Chocolate Caramel::
    I enjoyed them BOTH with an ice cold glass of milk.
    Pure indulgence and a little bit naughty.
    Also..enjoyed a fun and crazy day with some
    wonderful friends viewing and getting great inspiration for something I love - creating and quilting.

    Those photos are beautiful.
    We love the Garlicks!

  3. I love seeing photos of your gorgeous girl. We had a cookout and made ultimate s'mores. :)

  4. Priceless pictures! I just read the post (4 days late), so I will celebrate Jiggy day tomorrow and let you know!