Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Observations on 10.10.10

I awoke on 10.10.10 at 7:10 this morning expecting to do something spectacular to document this unique occurrence.  After all, 10.10.10 will not happen again in my lifetime.  I tried to convince the teenager and the hubby that we should think of something amazing!  Neither one of them showed even the slightest interest in my quest.  So I decided to make 10 observations that struck me during the day.

The List...
    1. According to the math nerd husband 10.10.10 is 42 in binary code.
      1. According to the teenager, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  He has evidently been watching way too much of "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy".
      2. Taking a walk on a cool-ish warm October afternoon you can smell a Sunday pot roast cooking in just about every other home you walk by.
      3. Izzy is the biggest mooch of a pooch I have ever seen.  She can smell food being prepared from any corner of the house or yard.
      4. Fall is my favorite time of year...unless it happens to be winter or spring or summer.
      5. I should receive an award for bravery.  After nearly stepping on a ridiculously huge rattlesnake last week while walking the Deer Fence trail, today I walked that trail again without freaking out...well mostly not freaking out.
      6. My days of watching chick flicks are over since I am outnumbered by males in the house 2:1.  Now I watch things like The Simpsons.
      7. I am an excellent homemade roll baker.
      8. My uniform cuteness test to predict the outcome of an NFL or college football game (see #7 above) works about 75% of the time.
      9. The men in this house LOVE desert but aren't interested in anything fun for 10.10.10.


    1. We tried being festive - but not so much energy around our place...
      Those rolls look scrumptious!

    2. I'm thinking those rolls need to be included in girls lunch! They're making me hungry. I'm so lucky that husband would prefer chick flicks over sports, he's such a softy!