Monday, November 8, 2010

Coming Soon To A Location Near You

Following a lovely honey harvest this fall, the Bee Master Dean took notice of the leftover beeswax, sweet smelling and golden in color, and he had an epiphany.  It began as a thought...a crazy thought...rolling around in that math brain of his.  Upon consulting his bee friend Mark (aka Papa Smurf) the wheels were set in motion. And since that epiphany there's been no looking back.  When the Bee Master gets something in his head, it's best to either get on board or just "move...get out da way"!

This project would take extreme hours of Internet investigation and then precise computations and formulas.  How do you compute fluid ounces to ounces to grams?  What ingredients will be the smoothest?  What scent will be the most pleasing?  Where can I find Essential Oils?

This would require the expertise of Chemistry Girl known these days as Momma Girl.  Don't worry...I'll take care of Olivia while you both postulate formulas and play with pipettes.  We all have our strengths and abilities and I know mine! 

Beeswax...Shae butter...sweet almond oil...oh my!

Chemistry Girl will need a trusty she can order around.  Ahem...I mean ask for assistance, and K-Dawg is up for the job.  This is wonderful news considering the pay is lousy!

And then we will need to sample the product.  Several packages of the lip balm were numbered and sent to a test data group.  The Bee Master sent along an evaluation form with strict instructions.  

Everyone knows that I am the queen of lip's in my genes...and also in my jeans.  I once had an awakening while watching Tom Hanks become a "Castaway" on that deserted island.  I could never be without lip balm, ever!  I now carry one in every pocket I have.  I also have several in my kit...fridge...I think you get the idea.

It was a tough job, but I couldn't wait to try out all the different lip balm formulas. 

Evaluations were made.  A label designer was hired.  Health Department regulations were consulted to verify compliance. Paperwork was filed with the government.  Display boxes were crafted.  And then final choices for formula and scents were chosen.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and it's time for the actual production process. This time, careful consideration was given for a "clean" environment including gloved hands.

Do they act and look like they are father and daughter or what? 

And so...without further ado...I am thrilled to introduce...

The Jiggy Stick

Brought to you with introductory flavors of Coconut Lime, Vanilla Mint, Lemongrass, and Mountain Snow.

Coming soon to a location near you... try the Jiggy Stick for yourself!  Tell them the Bee Master sent you.

Congratulations Bee Master...and Papa Smurf...and Chemistry Girl...and K-Dawg!
I think Jiggy would be very proud of the Jiggy Stick!

I wonder when his next epiphany will come?


  1. Where is our local location? We'll run right out and get some!! Love the logo!

  2. AWESOME, I wonder if Santa will know where to fill his orders.

  3. Amazing! I'd like to place an order right now. Two of each flavor.

  4. I'd like to place an order, for Snow. And one for Max as well!