Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Me Izzy

Dear Mom,

It's me...Izzy.  
I have taken over the writing here for a moment, I have some things I need to say.
Dear Mom...Why do you call me Princess Izzy Pants?

 Dear Mom...Why do you call me Isabella Rosalinni?

 Dear I need to even say anything about this photo?

Dear always take pictures of me...even when I am having a bad hair day.  Just look at my eyes...I begged you not to take it.

Dear Mom...Remember when you and Dad took me to Steamboat Springs and all the other kids had to stay home.  I got to stay in a "dog friendly" hotel and had a queen-sized bed all to myself.  That was awesome!

 Dear Mom...I'm too sexy for my scarf...enough said!

 Dear Mom...Why is the brown one always pulling faces in photos?

Dear Mom...Thanks for taking me on a walk all the time.  Did you know I love it?  Sorry I make you pick up my poop in the pink baggies.  But sometimes, you just have to go!

Dear Mom...everyone thinks it's unfair that my crazy sister Kenya lives outside and I live inside.  We don't care, just make sure that we get to play together every day...a whole bunch....OK?

Dear Mom...I love going to the Teenager's lacrosse games.  I get tons of attention!  Sometimes the humans almost forget to watch the lacrosse games because they are so interested in me!

Dear Mom...Remember when you took me to puppy school and I graduated at the top of my class?  That's because I'm a genius!  Puppy class was so easy I might have gotten a little bored.  Also... remember when my friend Charger the other golden doodle was naughty and peed on the floor when he got nervous? That was really funny!

Dear Mom...Why does my nose go pink in the winter and black in the summer?  Huh?

Dear Mom...I hate going to the groomers.  They always put ridiculous bows in my hair.  This time I even had a stupid necklace with a spider glued to it.  Don't worry, I had Kenya help me get rid of it.

Dear Mom...why does Dad always call me Stoop-Stoopie?  And why does he always sing "Will the original Stoop-Stoopie please stand up...please stand up."  I love being his office partner when he isn't on travel though.  But don't tell anyone...he feeds me more human food than anyone else.  He is pretty much a softy!

 Dear Mom...Must everyone in the family always pick me up?  And why do you all speak to me in the Old English Dog voice?  I asked the blond one and she said because "Day wub it days do."

 Dear Mom...I must protest...I am not a reindeer at all!

 Dear Mom...Thanks for letting me sleep in the sun and I wub it!

Dear Mom...I had a great time on the hike to Mt Timpanogos this summer.  Let's do it again next year.  OK?

Dear Mom...DON"T LET DAD HOOK UP A DOGGY CAM TO MY HEAD AGAIN!  I HATE IT!!!  And all you did was laugh yourself silly, you're no help at all.

Dear Mom...more bones please!

Dear this necessary?

Dear Mom...I miss the red one...I know you do too!

Dear Mom...I love to go outside and roll on the grass.  I also enjoy steeling things from the neighbors, like socks and binkies and gloves and food and...and...and!

Dear Mom...Thanks for taking me skiing every Saturday in the Winter.  I don't even mind waiting in the car while you guys take some runs down the mountain.  It's worth it when you come back at noon and I get to sample your lunch.  But please...don't let that Joe guy feed me any more hot dogs through the car window.  I do have my standards, plus the hot dogs didn't sit so well in my dog tummy, as you well know!

 Dear Mom...Since you love me so much, I could use more treats in my life!

Dear Mom...It's really tough being a pooch these days...cut me a little slack once in a while will you?  And sorry about my muddy paws, I just had to dig that hole in the yard.

Dear Mom...Do I have to go take a bath?

Dear Mom...Don't tell Dad how I sleep on the couch when he's on travel.  And don't tell him how I sleep in his spot on the bed...on his pillow...don't tell him OK?

Dear Mom...I love it here!  Thanks for making me part of the family.  

Love, Izzy   aka Princess Izzy Pants

PS...Did I mention more treats?


  1. You crack me up! Loved the commentary. Can't wait to finally meet Princess Izzy. I think she may be just a tiny bit spoiled!

  2. Loved getting to know Izzy a little bit better. We miss the Red One too! That picture brought tears to my eyes. The life of Izzy is pretty POSH!

  3. Love it! Izzy didn't mention the bell on the satin ribbon by the door...oh, Princess Izzy.

  4. I love this post! Fantastic pictures and letters from Princess Izzy:)

  5. Awww. Izzy.... She is well loved.

  6. I love Izzy.

    The photo of Jocie brought up a great bit sob.

  7. ahhI felt like crying, so sweet! we have a dog that comes to stay with us who has those adorable eyes that speak to you! i might do something similar as we seem to have more photos of her than anyone else in the world!!!!!

  8. ahhI felt like crying, so sweet! we have a dog that comes to stay with us who has those adorable eyes that speak to you! i might do something similar as we seem to have more photos of her than anyone else in the world!!!!!

  9. Great post...and Princess Izzy sounds wonderful!

  10. LOL this is soooooo hilarious! "... That's because I'm a genius" was my favorite line. Literally made me laugh out loud. Great job. :)

  11. I love this, fun sense of humor! Great take on the letter prompt!