Monday, December 27, 2010

Alta is for Christmas Eve Skiers

Alta...the spiritual epicenter of skiing. It's where the Garlick Press traditionally spends Christmas Eve day.

With fluffy white powder skiing, incredible terrain and unmatched views...there is no better way to spend the day before Christmas.

Lawyer Girl left sunny California with her sea level lung capacity and worried about being out of shape from spending the last 3 months studying in the law library. Let's just say she has had no problem keeping up with the rest of us.

The Zen Master of skiing points out where he is going to take us on the next run.

It's lunch time...and look who appears! As usual, Olivia dressed in her pink alpine sweater is the center of attention in the lodge.

This is the best part of the favorite peeps gathered around the table together...Dione is taking the pic.  Who would have guessed a year ago that we would have a new family member. It seems simply perfect to have Olivia with us.

Taking a break from 8 hour law exams has been a welcome respite...but Dione does not hesitate to educate the family on all the law stuff she has been learning.

Pretty Momma Cass, thanks for bringing up Miss Olivia to have lunch with us.

Back on the slopes...we make the trek over to Catherine's Area for some more powder runs.

Dear Chet...make sure you don't eat the yellow snow...that is all!

Everyone knows that the Zen Master rarely falls...that's what makes this so hilarious.  Skiing along on a trail he catches some air off a rock and suddenly finds himself with a double binding release and his head planted in the snow.

It was an epic fall. And yes...we laughed for quite some time! 


  1. Looks like such a blast! Love the handwriting are such a creative blogster!

  2. In that first picture of Liv, it looks like she's sipping from a straw! My thought was, when did she learn to do that and is my mom already feeding her Diet Coke?!