Monday, December 13, 2010

His First Dance

Ah...8th grade...his last year of middle school...the Christmas Dance.

Dean and I happened to be in the big city a couple of days before Chet's 8th grade dance, when the Teenager sent me this exact text.

"Hey, I had an awesome idea. Could you pick up for me at like Nordstroms, a black button up shirt with like a silver tie to go with it??? I would look fresh!"

How cute is he?  After some quick shopping, I was able to find a very "fresh" black button down shirt with a tiny red pin stripe. I opted for the red tie instead of silver to coordinate with the shirt. I'm his Momma, but even'll have to admit he looked pretty handsome.  He was all smiles, and very eager to dance with the hot chicks. 

A little shot of cologne from Abercrombie couldn't hurt either.

And then it was time for the tying of the tie.  Will that be a half Windsor knot or a Double Windsor with a dimple?

Say what?

After what seemed like hours, the tie tying business is finally complete and he looks like a complete gentleman in his new clothes...

a very "fresh" looking complete gentleman.

Oh yes...but he still acts like an 8th grade boy!


  1. Haha! I love this post. What an important event in a young man's life. Did he go with the Windsor tie knot ? Double? A simple founr-in-hand? He has so much to learn :) Hope he had fun.

  2. Love the pics!!!! I will be showing Mr. Mike this post. He will appreciate it fully.

  3. I have to say that Chet did look very fresh. Watch out ladies!!

  4. Prize winning post. Just sayin. Chet is one handsome cuss!