Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Present

Brightly colored wrap, matching ribbons and bows, perfectly chosen tags...each Christmas present arrives just the same. The anticipation of what the Christmas present will bring...will it be something you hoped for? Will it be something you adore? Will it warm your heart and tingle your toes?

As my Christmas present arrived this season I had high expectations. I was certain that the joy I had felt through the year, would make this one different...different than the past 2 and more like the presents before.  Day after day as the season began to unwrap I felt my mind flood with Christmas past...overflowing with powerful memories. The Christmas stocking, year after year holding candy and oranges and one of those little animals...was it a monkey or an ostrich last time? The Santa Quilt magically jingling as my little people slept dreamily under it for so many Christmas presents.  The handmade quilted advent which item is the last one to be hung on top?  The ornaments, the decorations, the meals, the melodies, (I'll be Home For Christmas has such a haunting melody when you are missing someone you love) all of these deeply embedded holiday traditions were all the same. And for a few days I became overwhelmed with it all, I had to abandon my Christmas present.

I am certainly no stranger to fighting through battles, and I knew I would somehow be able to conquer this one, I just didn't know how long it would take. Relief came unexpectedly during a phone call from Momma Cass. While we chatted about upcoming family parties and white elephant gifts...I heard tiny Olivia cooing to her momma on the other end of the phone and in that soft delicate voice my heart opened up my Christmas present again. 

The Christmas present for me will always be packed with memories...memories both delicious and difficult at the same time. I know I'm not alone. There are so many who have Christmas presents that will be at times overwhelming.  Today a little family we know laid their husband/father to rest.  I pray for them and would like to give them hope for their Christmas present.

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