Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Same Fat Man...Same Fat Channel...

For a very long time now, this Santa has been coming to my extended family's Christmas Eve party. Although I'm not sure how he has time to be at Grammy's house when he has an entire sleigh full of presents to deliver around the world. 

Most everything about this Santa manny (manny is a word I use and probably invented) never seems to change...his chubby cheeks, his suit, his candy canes, and even his jokes. For instance...  "you heard Santa has a new reindeer right...yes, it's Olive the other reindeer." Bwahaha, we pretend to laugh like it is the first time we heard it.

Year after year, we would sit on his lap and whisper in his jolly pink ear what we wanted for Christmas. And now, the newest generation is doing the very same thing.

There is Max...

 and Ambree...

 and Camden...

 and Olivia (she was unimpressed by the fat guy)...

 and Lola (very skeptical about taking candy and a present from a stranger)...

and Khloe...

and Carter ringing the jingle bells while we sing along.  The little ones can't seem to get enough of Santa's magic.

Not much new with the red-dressed fat guy...over the years only our family has changed. Most of it for the better, but some of it not.

 After Santa leaves, my brother has transformed into Samurai Blair.

 His beautiful wife Sheri is used to his nonsense.
Cousin hug while the boys are wearing new silk boxers courtesy of Santa.

Dad takes a few minutes on Christmas Eve to recount his favorite story. Only he knows it...the story of Rindercella and how she slopped her dripper. Priceless!

 Oh Camden...I could take pictures of this little guy for hours.

But not his brother Carter...he hates having his picture taken. I had to sneak this one...he was hiding under the counter waiting for me to go away!

I realize Christmas was a few days ago, but in the words of  Captain Jack Sparrow...I'm catching up!
But be sure to tune in next year...same fat time, same fat man, same fat channel!


  1. love this. What a sweet family you have.

  2. Khloe (cute spelling) looks like she represented Cindy Loo Hoo perfectly!!!

  3. Love it! Max was so excited to see his picture!