Friday, February 4, 2011

62 Quilt Blocks

Quilters are some of the kindest people I know. I belong to the quilt guild Needles & Friends. This year my friend Debi and I are in charge of the friendship blocks. We chose a spool block pattern, which 62 of us will be making and sharing with each other. Unfortunately one of our members has been recently diagnosed with cancer and asked to be excused from the project. Well, that just won't do. Secretly we gathered together this week to sew 62 spool blocks for her. Shhh don't tell it's a surprise!

Debi and I chose pink to be used in her block, since she is fighting breast cancer.

Jill is always doing sweet things for others. She just helped finish a project for a dear boy in our neighborhood who is having a life-threatening struggle of his own.

Debi is one of those people you dream about being...everything she touches is magically perfect. We decided to have a light lunch for our group, so we could keep them sewing...clever girls aren't we? It was supposed to be a simple bowl of soup and a slice of bread.

Surprise...Debi of course had something else in mind. She set a beautiful Valentine table with dreamy coconut macaroons filled with cranberries and dipped in chocolate. Knowing how to always add that special Debi touch, she also had a Valentine pin cushion for us each to take home. I want to be friends with her too.

Tammy and Nancy also devoted the day to stitching with us. We learned some very fun things about these  two close friends, like they have been painting buddies for 25 years. Tammy's beautiful mother passed away from breast cancer, and she was eager to be involved.

Tammy is also a photographer. She knew how to use my new Nikon and sneaked this picture when I wasn't watching.   

We laughed and we giggled and we made too many pieces of one section and had to do some unpicking. It took us most of the day, but we finished all 62 blocks and they look wonderful. I can't wait to see the look on this sweet quilter's face.

The journey through life for most of us, will likely have some difficult steps causing us to stumble. I know I'm profoundly grateful for friends who came along to support me during those stumbling steps. 

And here is a funny thing...

Which bobbin container do you think belongs to Debi and which bobbin container do you think is mine?

I'll give you a is Debi's ribbon cabinet. Isn't that incredible? I must have Debi come live at my house for about a month and organize my home...on second thought, I think she'd pass out when she saw all my disorganization.


  1. I think I want to be friends with all these women that are here in this post!! ;) I know for sure that all of them are amazing and we all have things to learn from each them! I think Debi would love to spend a month organizing as I know she loves to be organized! But I get her first!!

  2. Why yes! I do want her to be my friend. I may need more details on her beautifully decorated table.

    I am so grateful to you; the label is just perfect. I know Dan will be thrilled. You've changed me for the better, and I can scarcely wait to see what I'll learn from you next.

  3. Great photos and story. I am crocheting hats for a good running friend with the same kind of cancer. Bless them.
    As for the bobbin holder...mine would be full (as you know) of empty bobbins!

  4. Sweet post and sweet ladies. One of my friends was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well.
    Life is quite the glad to be traveling with you!!