Monday, February 7, 2011

The Thing Is

...we are mountain people. It's who we are. When fall's last leaves are scattering gracefully from drowsy trees we can nearly hear the snow approaching. We wax our skis in anticipation and wait impatiently.

Shortly after the tragedy, I couldn't imagine that we would ever be able to play in our winter mountains again. And look at us now...we not only play there, but we laugh and feel light-hearted joy. These days I can't imagine what winter would be like if we were not able to play in those same mountains.

Mountain frolicking, there is nothing quite like it. Whether it is fast groomers of corduroy,  fresh deep Utah powder, or a sweet line of intense moguls.

Dropping everything and everyone, the teenager will even wake up early to come play with us in the mountains.

The Zen Master of skiing has been helping the Teenager to work on his 180's and 360's. I gifted the Zen Master a new bright orange coat for his birthday. Now when he is speeding his way down the mountain we can spot him anywhere.

 Cheeseburger for lunch anyone?

 Mountain friends...they come in all colors and sizes...we love them all.

This mountain friend thinks he is a rock star. He should keep his day job.


  1. Ah-ha! I knew Dean was wearing a new jacket and even commented to Mike about it. Looks great!

  2. I love your sweet family. Dreaming of a snow day together...and I love your coat Lisa.

    Can I be whiny and mention that I am looking for Cassie and baby pics?

  3. Loooooooving the new orange. Now he doesn't look like a tree!
    Missing the family ski days. Love you!

  4. HI Lisa - its Karen Wood. I found your link today and hate to be an anonymous blogstalker. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and sweet thoughts. My sister moved to San Diego and thinks walks on Moonlight Beach are the end all be all of life. She never appreciated standing on a snow covered slope surrounded by pines and bare aspens looking at a perfect blue sky (I say stand on purpose - I do way too much of that) Isn't it great God made such variety to feed our separate souls? I am so glad you laugh and have lighthearted joy there!