Friday, March 25, 2011

Plus One Makes Four

The big day is finally here...coming home day for entire week after he arrived in this world..

Olivia and I had lots to do, like practicing her reading skills. Henry will love having stories read to him.

We had to test out the bassinet to see if it was ready for Henry. "It seems like just yesterday that I slept in the bassinet Nana."

Oh wait it was...

Diapers are ready...Olivia's are on the left, Henry's on the right. You should see the stacks they have in the closet. Diaper subscription from Amazon Mom...Cass swears by it!

Cribs are set up..."Nana, when are you going to finish Henry's bumper pads and quilt?"

Baby brother's chair is all put together.

Olivia and Nana test out the self-timer feature on her new camera. We had some time to play while waiting for Henry to come home. Until finally...

Welcome home Henry!

Big sister and baby brother meet for the very first time.

"Henry, come and play with me OK?"

"Ummm...Aunt Anna, Henry doesn't seem to do too much does he...seems a bit boring."

A little glimpse at life in 1 week old Henry and  6 1/2 month old Olivia's house for a little while...

Time to feed baby.

Time to feed newborn baby.

Time to play "blastoff" with baby.

Time to snuggle with newborn baby.

Trying to capture a family photo...Olivia wants to pull Mom's hair.

Olivia wants to pull Dad's hair.

Their lives are full...and happy...did I mention their lives are full! Momma Cass... you like marvelous!

And one more...then it's time for tubs...and bottles...and stories...and bedtime...and...and...and...

As for me...March has been a hurricane of emotions. The gift of new life and the reminder of lost life. I'm quite certain the timing of this newborn babe is not coincidental, but intentional. A blessing from heaven, a hint that a joyful life continues to swirl around us. Our angel Jocie surely kissed Henry on his tiny head, you can almost see the imprint she left.

The Garlick Press is simply giddy at the birth of Olivia's little brother Henry.


  1. I have no words.

    I'm sprinkling my keyboard with happy tears.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    I was choosing favorite photos and then I became overwhelmed. You should make a Shutterfly book of just this post.

    p.s. those are two unnaturally gorgeous babies.

  2. OH,gorgeous, gorgeous babies, parents and Nana! What a glorious, BUSY time. Thanks for making my day lovely.

  3. Both babies are so beautiful - they will be so close growing up together. How wonderful!! Your photos are beautiful! Absolutely beautiful...all of it!

  4. Hmmmm, it looks like Nana and Olivia were getting into trouble while we were at the hospital!

    I love these pictures, you do a great job.

  5. Beautiful babies!! Lisa, your photography is rockin!
    Christine (from class)

  6. I'm so glad to hear Henry is now home. Looks like Cassandra is going to be very, very busy! Love the pics!

  7. Beautiful story and great photos to complement it. What a happy homecoming! Congratulations on the new baby. What a joy to have two babies to love and care for. Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  8. So happy for ALL of you. Thank you for sharing your family's story, Lisa.

  9. What a gorgeous little family. We send blessings of energy to everyone! Sweet sweet sweet!!