Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unni Turns 29...?

For as long as I've known Unni she has been celebrating her 29th birthday and this year was no exception. Although the calendar might suggest she was turning 80 a milestone birthday, every member of her family will tell you it's just her 29th. I could not ask for a dearer mother-in-law in the whole world. Anyone who knows Unni, knows that the only thing she loves more than her children are her grandchildren. And the only thing she loves more than her grandchildren are her great grandchildren!

Unni is the kind of grandmother who leaves the adult scene to play with the kids. 

Unni's entire family gathered together to have a fiesta and celebrate her 80th 29th birthday, or what she called "Unni's Birthday from Hell!"

We had our pictures taken...both serious and silly. This one is the way!

Kylee is carefully writing a birthday wish to Unni with help from Mom Irene.

After a "surprise" entrance, a big smooch from her sweetheart.

Unni is the mother of 4 children, grandmother of 17, and great grandmother of 10...almost 11!

The invitation said to dress up...I guess this is dressing up. Matt tied on a bandanna and Ray decided he was the fiesta bouncer in his "Border Patrol" t-shirt.

Would somebody please feed that child?

Meet Aria with her Mammy Cindy...Aria's brand new!

Unni is a genuine soul...and a friend to everyone she meets. She is a champion to the underdog and never seeks praise or recognition. Now that I am a grandmother myself...I consider her a fabulous example to follow...except I'll be known as Nana! 

Dean's sister Cindy is a DJ...she goes by DJ Cindy Sue.

5 of Unni's 7 "greats"...funny how they all act just a little bit like their parents. I just sat back and listened as they interacted with each other, hilarious!

That's Kathi stalking her son Brandon with a maraca. 

We played a little game called "Unni Trivia-LIVE"...clap, clap, clap! Dean was the emcee, which raised the fun factor even more. The game was to match Unni's matter what her answer was! Here are a few things we learned about her.

  • Unni's favorite color is White.

  • Her favorite food is Mexican...thus the Fiesta. Favorite drink is Pepsi...but everyone knows that!

  • Her favorite movie is "Little Women".

  • She met Owen her sweetheart on a hayride...reportedly, he pushed her off.
  • Her life-time occupation was a nurse.

  • If she could go anywhere on Vacation it would be to Australia.
  • She owns 35 pairs of shoes.

  • Her favorite hobby is wonder we get along so well.
  • Her favorite thing to play is a card game called "Hand And Foot".

  • She has a phobia of snakes and mice.
  • When asked how much daughter Cindy weighs...Unni said 30 lbs. Dean may or may not have taken the liberty to add this question.

  • Unni's favorite song is "Unchained Melody".

  • Her least favorite pet was a goat named Nelly.
  • Who was the president the day Unni was born...Unni said Roosevelt. Dean says it is actually Herbert Hoover. But remember it's Unni's day and she is right no matter what!

  • Her favorite actor is...she doesn't have one! Haha!

  • Her least favorite thing to eat is...anything fishy.

  • Her first car was a Henry J...what is that you ask...I don't know either.

  • Unni's height is 5 foot 3 1/2 inches.
  • What birthday is Unni celebrating...we all know that one by now...29!
It turns out that her hubby Owen knows her better than he answered the most questions correctly. 

DJ Cindy Sue turns down the lights, and turns on the macarena, followed by the chicken dance,

and a little Hokey Pokey!

Happy Birthday Unni...we all look forward to your 29th birthday next year!


  1. Great photos! What lens did you use? Did you use an external flash or just adjust your aperture? The lighting was fabulous. Happy Birthday, Unni!

  2. Kris,
    Thanks, the lighting in the church gym was horrible...with no windows! I shot these with my 50mm f1.4 without a flash. I cranked my ISO up to 2000. My new camera handles higher ISO's really well!