Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nothing and Everything

Yesterday...nothing changed and yet everything changed for baby Olivia.

"Bob and Cassandra are here today to petition the court for the adoption and care of baby Olivia" attorney Steve addressed the court.    

"And in doing so, Olivia shall have all the rights and responsibilities as their natural child would have."  

I can imagine that this is the best thing that happened in Judge Taylor's courtroom the entire day. He was the most adorable (and tall) man! 

Now that all the legal T's have been crossed and the necessary I's have been dotted, do you think little Miss Olivia's life will be any different? This morning she will wake up in her "baby bird" nursery knowing that her Mommy and Daddy will be instantly at her side to greet her for a new day. A morning bottle, some rice cereal and lots of snuggling are certainly in different than yesterday.

And yes, even Judge Taylor marveled at Cassandra's glorious belly. I think he recognizes miracles like the rest of us.

"Adoption and care...rights and responsibilities"...the words kept filling my thoughts for the rest of the day. While adoption has a myriad of legal necessities, the process really comes down to an abundance of one!

Love, enormous love... from a young trusting couple who graciously placed newborn baby Olivia in Bob and Cassandra's arms 6 months ago.

Love from a first-time Papa.

Love of a long-time friend who offered his legal services. Steve is a ski buddy and it seemed so unusual to see him in a suit asking politely, "Your honor may I approach the bench?"

Love of a first-time Daddy who plans for the future of Miss Olivia and all the fabulous times they'll have together.

Love of grandparents who share in the joy of a miracle. So much love surrounding this little babe on her adoption day. Judge Taylor taps his gavel and claims the matter closed. And now Olivia is on to the rest of her life...nothing has changed and yet everything has.

We're off to Guru's to celebrate with breakfast. The Logan grandparents left home at 6:00 am to be on time...and we're hungry! I ordered something called Breakfast Mess, it was delish!

Something to commemorate the day... Nana's special chocolate cake for the new little family. I hear even baby Olivia got a tiny taste. And something else...a special book...her Aunt Jocie's "Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes" because Jocie would want her to have it.


  1. JOY overwhelms my heart for your family. Olivia is a miracle, just as everyday will be - forever. Ohhh, and those precious cheeks!!

  2. Such a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing the celebration with us.

  3. What a day for celebration! You are all glowing :)

  4. So glad everything went smoothly! Fantastic. Cassandra looks beautiful. So excited for their family!

  5. Congratulations to all of you! What a beautiful story. So glad I checked your blog link on Snapshotsofagoodlife! Olivia is so beautiful! Love your photos!

  6. Simply lovely. One day Olivia we realize just how truly blessed she is. Isn't life beautiful?

  7. What a day full of love, Olivia is such a blessing.

  8. I LOOK HUGE! The poor button on my sweater looks like it's about to give up!

  9. Oh my. I am so thrilled for your family and giddy, absolutely giddy about the many happy days to come.

    Much love to all of you.

    And Cassandra, you do not look huge! You look fantastic.

  10. What a beautiful day. And what a beautiful family! Love you guys!

  11. Many blessings from above!! Thanks for sharing...