Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 Month Faces

The many faces of 6 month old Olivia...

Cherub Face

 Shock and awe face

 Bunny ears face

 First time eating bananas face

 Sippy cup face

 Rock star face

 Thinking face

 Happy face

I hate photo shoots face

 Tutus are yummy face

Rosy cheeks face...happens most of the time

 I want to go shopping face

 Not a face at all...just a piggy sticking out of her Juicy shoes

Riding Izzy the pooch face

 I'm 6 months old and gorgeous face

Happy 6 month birthday my magnificent grand daughter Olivia! 
And stay tuned...she has some big days ahead! 


  1. Gorgeous baby. Gorgeous photos of baby. Annnd, I want some of baby's clothes for grownups. Not gonna lie. :)

  2. Lovely. Simply lovely. I am so looking forward to seeing what you post in the next few weeks!

  3. Sweet photos! She is adorable.

  4. Such a precious little one. Those chubby rosy cheeks are priceless.

  5. Your granddaughter is adorable. I love her perfectly chubby rosy cheeks. Precious.

  6. this baby is the most darling baby i have EVER SEEN. i'm like sending her picture to my family she's so cute and they say who is that baby and i saw it's from this blog i stumbled upon. :)