Thursday, April 28, 2011

Build It And They Will Come

The men folk are in the midst of a big project here.

Starting in the garage...because Spring has not sprung in our little Northern city.

Oh yeah...The teenager's first time with power tools!

This shot cracks me that Chet, or scary Ninja dude with a drill gun!

The building plans started out as scratches on graph paper...

with careful attention to every detail.

Oh yeah...first time with an electric saw.

Because, if you build it...they will come!

Oh by the way, General Tsao says hurry up boys...the box is getting crowded! Mother Clucker has put on quite a few grams around the middle.


  1. Ah, I love that you are building the coop and we are collecting beekeeping supplies!

    Get ready for Chet's lifelong addiction to power tools. And we even got to see Dean with his famous slipped glasses look.

  2. What FUN father-son memories. Now you will know what to get Chet for "gifts" (he will want he own tools)!! Can't wait to see the coop!!

  3. I love Chet's outfit! Made my day. So did the chick.