Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt

We don't always follow traditions closely at The Garlick Press...sometimes we veer off madly in the wrong direction.

 We start off with the usual Easter egg dying.

 The teenager made me the pink and lime green one! I'm a pink egg kind of girl.

We'll usually have a traditional ham and smoked turkey dinner...

including a plethora of desert treats like coconut cupcakes, brown-butter brownies and chocolate dipped marshmallow bunnies. veering ahead...

 Easter bonnet...

gangsta' bonnet!

 And because we're new grandparents...a new tradition.

Welcome to Nana and Papa's first annual Easter egg hunt.

 Is that the Easter bunny I see hiding those eggs...or is that some bunny else?

I know...I know...neither one of the grand babies can walk

or even pick up their own Easter eggs.

Look closely at Izzy...she's trying to sneak an egg from Olivia's basket.

Even the teenager got a little excited about Easter this year. 

There were grand baby eggs...and eggs just for the adult hunters.

Let's be honest, all the eggs were for the adults, since neither baby is allowed to have candy yet.

Ask Bob why he aced out his wife trying to get the prized silver Easter egg.

Gumming on a Kit Kat bar went well for Olivia until she actually broke open the wrapper.

It was a lovely Easter afternoon...spent soaking up the babies that are springing up around us..

Apparently she didn't like Peter Cottontail.

Easter egg hunting can make boys very sleepy...

and finally...Henry's out!

See we can be fairly traditional when we try...

and we're off again!


  1. This was one of the most ridiculous things I've done, "helping Henry" hunt for Easter eggs.

    I have since been "helping the kids" eat their candy. That's going quite well also.

  2. Best grandparents ever award goes to...Papa and Nana

  3. I love every photo.

    But let's talk about how amazing Miss Cassandra looks!! Didn't she hear that rule about keeping a baby belly for a while? ;)

  4. Henry and Olivia get cuter and cuter every day!! I love reading the updates. We are doing great. Brandon is enjoying law school, but he is VERY excited to finish the semester. I think we will be up around the 4th of July and would love to see you guys.

    Take care! Ciacci

  5. Easter eggs for the grand babies, really? I think it was more for Nana and Papa! Izzie rocks in a bonnet.

  6. What beautiful pictures! You have started a lovely tradition.