Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All The King's Horses

Lori is my gorgeous friend...her hubby Kelly is gorgeous too, and so are their boys! Lori and I have been friends since I was a little girl moving into the town of Taylor...just down the hill from her.

Genuine, kind, and soulful...her thoughts are always about others. When you talk to Lori, she is a listening friend...not just a hearing friend. I constantly remind my dear girlfriend that I love her... but she IS the one who revealed the truth to me about Santa Claus when I was in third grade. 

When I took these pictures...she made me promise no blogging...well this is payback for Santa Claus.

A planned gathering albeit reuinon brought us to her dad Vaughn's house last Sunday evening...back to my home town of Taylor where we both grew up. Vaughn was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last Fall...he's been fighting back ever since. 

My brother Blair and Lori's brother Dave were always getting into trouble as teenagers...Dave was the only one who ever got caught though. Dave has been gone for 17 years now.

 A walk to the farm and the horse stables. Blair told us secret stories about the adventures of he and Dave.

I don't think the little town of Taylor has been the same since. The gossip still runs amuck at their antics!

Blair and Vaughn shared conversations about horses, teenage Dave, the price of hay...

politics, and just about everything else.

Vaughn recently converted his dairy farm into Allen Horseplay Stables...a place to board horses and ride them too.

Vaughn made this king size headboard and is now storing it in the hay shed. Don't you wish you had a hay shed you could store stuff in?

The Allens love all the horses that board here and treat the owners just like family.

Lori ADORES horses...me...not so much! It's a terrifying tale...why horses and I aren't friends, at least the way I remember. Zion the terrier seems interested in this one though.

Maybe this is where Lori gets her gentle spirit...

As a little girl, I remember staring up at Vaughn thinking he was a giant of a man...now I look up to Vaughn and know he has a giant of a heart.

World peace was solved in this horse arena when these two were finished.

Locking up for the night and another day tomorrow.

It was an incredible evening to reminisce about simpler times, remember those we've lost, and laugh sweetly with one another. Bless you Allen family...and thanks for the hospitality. But I'm still not getting on a horse!

A final swing in her favorite spot...content for this moment and not fearing tomorrow.

Lori told me once that I 'd most likely live a deeper life after my tragedy...she was right. I've never had a sister, but I imagine if I did she would be just like Lori.


  1. Lisa, your blog is full of amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Christine (from class)

  2. What a great tribute to a friend that's been with you since childhood!