Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adorable March

A few things to adore in the month of March...

  • The miracle of birth 
  • A new grandson...miracle baby #2.
  • Henry Carter finally comes home.
  • Watching my daughter care for 2 babies just 6 months apart in age...she's incredible.
  • Adoption day

  • The antics of lawyer girl 
  • Thai Basil Chicken she makes whenever she visits.

  • My Dad in a fedora.

  • Skiing Lone Tree and Middlebowl Cirque with Chet and Dean. See that top peak next to the the left is the Lone Tree chute and to the right is the Middlebowl Cirque. Awesome skiing runs.
  • Snow on Jocies's angel day...the powder princess has sent us snow on all 3 so far.

  • extraordinaire
  • Missionary name badge that a special recently returned missionary left at the cemetery...touched my heart.
  • Watching Dean do the macerana.

  • Snow at the top of Beaver Mountain...with almost 14 feet of  snow, Jocie's monument is nearly buried.
  • Purple crocus that popped out of the snow to bloom this week.
  • Fine Italian leather boots on a aviator glasses.

  • Olivia trying to eat a Lindor truffle ball
  • Chickens for dummies...
  • Watching Uncle Chet and Olivia become good friends.


  1. Love the shots of Henry. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

  2. Baby's first Lindor ball! Such a momentous occasion.

    Love this post - a great summary of March.

  3. that first photo? are you kidding me? Who's the genius photographer? YOU.

    xoxo, m

  4. These photos are amazing! Love the blog.

  5. Love the photos and the blog, I like your idea of posting the memories.

  6. Hi Lisa! Love the photo of Lawyer Girl. Super cute photos.

  7. Really great photos!! Henry is something else! Can't wait to meet him in person. Hope everything is going well for your family.

  8. Oh my word! Chet looks like your Dad (in youthful form)!