Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maddie's T's

Her room screamed teenage girl just like any other 15 year old girl's room. A closet stuffed with today's hottest fashion, a white board with notes from girlfriends, trophies from grade school, flowers from special occasions, everything except the table full of green plants left over from her funeral last August.

Madison's story is Jocie's story. At age 15 her life ended in a tragic accident. Her mother and I are emotionally connected even though we had never previously met until after Madison's angel day.

I listened through my streaming tears as Maddie's mom carefully placed each treasured T-shirt on the pile. Each one has a story and I easily memorized them all. This one from soccer, this one her favorite brand of clothing, this one because her sweet cousin was a Bobcat, and this one because Maddie was a rival Mustang. And this one has her own handwriting...priceless!

The first cut I make into Maddie's t-shirts humbles me, heals, me and shakes me with grief. A comforting arm from Dean and I carefully stitch together a memory of a beautiful teenage girl in her favorite shade of blue.

 Who would guess that the sweet quilter I call at the last minute to machine stitch the quilt would have a close connection to Maddie. Her younger sister was Maddie's best friend all through Elementary. Of course she insisted the quilting was her gift to the family.

"Where did you go? I miss you seems like forever since you've been gone." A haunting note Maddie had taped to her wall...I added it to the label on the quilt.

Today would be Maddie's 16th birthday. Her Mom misses her completely...I know exactly how she feels.


  1. What a priceless, precious, and beautiful creation. I wish I had the words to properly convey my admiration and respect and, most definitely, sympathy for both you and Maddie's mom. We are strangers, really, but my heart reaches out to you and to your families with each experience you share.

  2. I love the way you are helping other's hearts (and your own) to heal. Missed you Wednesday!

  3. It turned out beautifully! What a tender gift they will treasure and hold for years to come. I am still amazed at the quilters connection. So sweet.

  4. What a special gift and talent for you to share with others as you all try to heal. Beautiful job!

  5. What a priceless and precious gift you gave this family!!! I have only known you through our class but already I can tell what a sweet and gentle spirit you have. The talents you have been blessed with and so generously share are amazing. I am sorry for your loss as well. You are so selfless to help another that is hurting as much as you are. You are an inspiration and such a great example!!!