Monday, May 30, 2011

A Gig, a Dance and a Griz

As The Teenager began showing serious interest in guitar last summer, he set a note-worthy goal that would take great ambition. He wanted to audition and then play in the year end talent assembly at his middle school.

Ugh, I had to use a flash in these photos...and you know how I hate a flash!

The rock stars as the curtain opened.
While you might think Chet has a frightened expression, he is actually just trying to be COOL...this lasted a few seconds and then broke into his casual smile.

Once their inclusion in the assembly had been announced, the boys arranged practice schedules and worked all on their own to perfect their performance.

The rock stars played a song called "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin. It was not a simple song to learn and play for a first gig, but the song does has some pretty sweet solos.

Celebrating...after the performance. 

With barely time to shop, shower and splash on some cologne...the Teenager is "handsomed" up for the last dance of middle school. The report from the evening...apparently the DJ didn't play enough slow songs. However, the Teenager danced every one except for the first one. Because no one dances on the first slow dance...that's just uncool!

The thoughtful pose.
Three years ago he unassumingly entered middle school. Ten years old and fresh from the tragedy of losing his sister, life had changed in an it did for all of us. A childhood that would be defined by this one event.

With confidence, ease and a bunch of new friends... high school begins in the Fall. The Teenager remains a source of my strength and my hero. Logan High...say hello to your newest Grizz!


  1. What a cutie! Hip hooray for MLMS!

  2. Ooh, I'd love to hear it. Please share the video!

    And you have a four year high school? Fun, but scary. Ours is three year.

  3. Would love to hear him play. 9th grade in high school seems a little scary to me. 3 years of high school drama was plenty!