Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduating Girls

With numerous differences and just as many similarities, I consider these exquisite girls part of the family. A couple are tall, a couple are...not so tall. Sometimes they call me Mama G. 

They have shiny blond hair, dark brunette hair, sassy short hair and silky long hair...but not one has red hair. 

The red-head is missing, and the giant hole her absence leaves in their hearts would be one of their similarities. They are graduating from high school and each stepping out on their own new path. Graduation is causing us each to pause, reflect, grieve, ache and look to each other for comfort and reassurance.

Sid...she may not be tall, but her giant sense of humor takes you off guard on most occasions. She makes me giggle, a lot!

Madi...with genuine sweetness, she wraps herself around everything surrounding her. Madi would be the first one to text Jocie if she didn't get on the bus to school.

Autumn...She and Jocie have known each other since the day they were born. Autumn along with Sid were singing 99 Red Balloons with Jocie, being the last ones to see her as they skied off the lift together that day in March. Autumn is just like her name, deep and rich with a colorful personality.

Camber...What she lacks in height she more than makes up for in heart. Jocie and Camber's relationship was dear and special. I always loved seeing the two of them skiing together. In keeping with Garlick tradition, Jocie nicknamed Camber "K-Dawg" and Camber's dad "Papa Smurf"!

Maren...It seems almost overnight, she's become a beautiful young lady with fabulous style. They met in 3rd grade and were instant friends. She once re-organized Jocie's entire closet and room, because that's who she is. As you can imagine, it was quite a job!

Lindsay...With her gentle spirit and genuine soul, she loved Jocie completely. Lindsay and Jocie were two peas in a pod and spent nearly every waking moment together. They loved designer clothes, boys, making harmless mischief, and each other.

As Dean sat down to have lunch with all of us, I'm sure he felt slightly out of place...for about 2 seconds. He loves these girls as his own. They are a stark reminder of what he's lost and yet a constant vision of hope for the future.

Congratulations to our graduating girls...we genuinely love everything about you and wish you all the best in the years ahead! We know you will always be a constant source of joy and hope.


  1. Oh, Lisa, my heart is just broken for you. What a sweet way to honor your beautiful redhead by honoring her dear friends. Love and prayers to you through this hard time.

  2. Beautiful faces. beautiful hearts, and beautiful futures. How wonderful to share memories and and what the future has in store for such fabulous young women.
    PS Lisa you don't look a day over eighteen! you look like one of the gang!!

  3. Love this! Thinking about you a lot this week. My Mom said you were amazing at Candle Light.

  4. I expect you've found strength within you over the past few years from depths you never knew possible but still I sit here and read & look at these pictures of you & your husband giving time & care to a group of young women whose connection with you must be so beautiful yet bittersweet and I'm amazed at your character. What a fine example you must be to people around you.

  5. These girls are so blessed to have your love and support. Candle light was perfect! We'd love a copy of your talk, Lisa.

  6. They are so beautiful-- you are so beautiful with them.

  7. I'm not a blogger, but the Garlick Press makes me smile and gives us all a lift. As a mother, I'm grateful to you and Dean. You've reached out to our girls over and over and will always be a part of them.