Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Saturday

Sometimes on a Saturday...

We cheer for The Teenager #18 as he plays his final regular season lacrosse game. With great pride they creamed the cross town rivalry team with an 8-2 victory.

Then we take pictures of a jubilant team. The teenager is cheering in the back row...the boys had just declared him to be the one with the most girlfriends.

And sometimes on a Saturday we take the chickens outside for a recess in the back yard. I'm holding Friggie, a silky grey bantam named after Frigalment a famous chicken contracts law case. We will credit Lawyer Girl and her fellow law school buddies for the name.

Say hello to penguin, a brahma bantam who we really hope does not turn out to be a rooster. It's very difficult to know which ones are roosters until they are older. Bantams have a 50% chance of being a rooster while the other chickens are much less, about 10%.

Sometimes on a Saturday the hubby works diligently on the coop while the chicks dig around in the dirt for the very first time. You may notice that the number of chickens at our house has increased since the last time I posted. Because, if 4 chickens are good then 7 are even better...right?

In the past few months I have somehow started shopping at IFA instead of you think I could convince Nordies to start carrying chick feed along with their Jimmy Choos? Mother Clucker now weighs a whopping 630 grams or 1.4 pounds.

She has gained 14 times her weight in the past 6 weeks. In comparison, baby Henry who is now 8 weeks old would weigh well over 100 pounds if he were growing at the same rate. Amazing isn't it?

 Watch who you're calling chubby!

Red, Gizzard (hiding in the back), General Chow and Nuggett are discovering tiny prizes hidden in the tall grass. They grow tired of living in the condo in the basement...and look forward to their daily road trips into the great outdoors.

And most of the time on a Saturday we try very hard not to make fun of Friggie...please don't use words like homely, or awkward. She's working very hard on overcoming this stage.

And sometimes on a Saturday, Nuggett tries out the new nesting area where she will soon be laying eggs. Hurry up and finish...cluck, cluck!

And finally on a Saturday, amidst all the chicken recesses, coop building, lacrosse games, herb and tomato planting we managed to soak up a tiny bit of much sought after warm sunshine. With another difficult and yet rewarding milestone ahead of us this week, we can use the warm dose to our spirits.


  1. Let's hope Friggie can grow out of adolescence before the coop is ready and she's on display for the public to see! Loved the chick update and the coop is looking great.

  2. I can't believe how fast those chickens are growing. And haven't you heard, Henry does weigh 100 lbs!

  3. How I love you. Praying for you this week.

  4. Friggie is hysterical. I wish she didn't have to grow up. Having a chicken that looked like that would make me smile every day.