Monday, May 16, 2011

Blessings Times Two

It was something incredible to witness and be a part of...

a name and a blessing...make that two! 

"And they are not even twins" was remarked through the audience, as every heart was enveloped by this moment.

"The name given of Olivia Jocelyn Fawson...with a blessing to help Olivia recognize and understand the significance of her name."

"Olivia...which will always connect her with the people who love her. The name that was chosen for her by her birth mother together with her parents."

 "And Jocelyn for her Aunt Jocelyn...whose spirit and personality she exhibits."

 And then this one..."The name given of Henry Carter Fawson with his sweet and peaceful disposition."

"Bless him that he will continue to be a peacemaker and use every opportunity to help others maintain perspective in life according to the unique gifts that have been given him."

The babies were perfect on their special day...simply perfect! When a baby is involved anything can go awry...when two babies are involved everything can go amuck! But not this day...simply perfect!

The support of family was touching, as Bob's Uncle Dave flew in just for the occasion.

And there was an abundance of support received from dear friends.

As tradition dictates a feast was indulged by all.

Cass said to me later "Your family rocks mom!" Every single member who lived within driving distance was there.

From the wacky ones...

to the adorable blue-eyed princess ones...

to the intelligent ones!

Is there anything more sweet than my ginger brother wrapping his giant arms around my own babes!

Uncle Carter whose name Henry will be privileged to carry with him.

Uncles...each will each spend their entire lives trying to convince Henry that they are the favorite one.

But don't kid yourself...Grant just came for the iPad.

My heart is dripping with goodness from the blessings of these two miracle babies. Can you believe that just a short year ago, their parents had no idea the abundance of joy that was about to be delivered!

And Papa is pretty proud himself!


  1. Beautiful Family! Beautiful Day! So many miracles in their lives already and so many more to come. It is a joy to see their happiness.

  2. It was a wonderful day! We love those sweet little babies!

  3. Oh what a day! So very happy for everyone...just glorious! Many wonderful photos, Lisa...but my favorite is Olivia and the water bottle!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a glorious day. Wonderful usual!

  5. Perfect is an understatement...that was truly something amazing so glad we could be apart of it!

  6. Aaah - what a special and blessed day! So happy for your family!

  7. Wish we could have been there! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures!