Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Retreat For The Soul

Once a year I allow myself a little get-away. I don't go very far at the big city for a quilting retreat with international quilt instructor Sue Spargo.

Sue was born in Zambia and raised in South Africa...her creativity is inspired by the energy and color of traditional African designs.

But it is that glorious British accent and gentle soul that speaks to me. The reason I return year after year.

Early childhood experiences form Sue's love of primitive... and specifically folk-art. Her workshop is filled with eye-candy as far as you can see. Here she displays hand-dyed wools and scrumptious soft velvets.

And then there are the chenille threads and the silken pearl exquisite!

Italian wool thread in EVERY color of the rainbow.

Patient and persistent, Sue eagerly shares all her knowledge and stitching tips she has accumulated through the years. 

A detailed shot of her leaf sampler reveals Sue's understanding of texture, dimension and color.

And you meet the most wonderful people at Sue's retreats. This is Jane, who is originally from England. Her accent is so adorable. Today she informed us she felt like "Taking a walk in the woods!" I'd like to wrap her up and take her home with me...maybe just sit her on the counter and have her speak to me in that sweet accent all day. 

A welcome break from the daily routine...I suggest you each schedule a retreat to escape to! It's great for your soul.

And don't worry...reality will still be there when you return home!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Quilting scares me a bit because I am afraid I could spend every last minute obsessed with it. Goodness. So incredible.

  2. Now you know why I have loved my Jane for 23 years! I hope she didn't tell you too many stories...eeek!