Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ah Bummerfest...there is nothing that signals the beginning of summer in our fair town like Bummerfest. Officially...the Summerfest Arts Faire...features live music, fabulous food and art of all mediums. The Garlick Press has been attending Bummerfest for as long as we can remember.

The first item on my list is usually a new honey pot from one of the pottery artists. However, we have gone the entire year without even so much as a crack in last year's pot.  But those garlic pots on the top shelf caught my eye as did the French Butter dish.

Because I seem to have a chicken thing going on now..these guys cracked me up!

 I often wonder what inspires artists when they begin working with different mediums.

 Perhaps it is the delicious smell of leather...that inspires this artist.

 Oil paints...oh I wish this were a medium I had talent enough to work with.

Dean found these intriguing and brought one home on his wrist. The artist uses horsehair to braid into handsome bracelets. I passed...it's a horse thing remember.

You'll find the classic outdoor festival food at Bummerfest including wood-fire pizzas, Navajo tacos, corn dogs, kettle corn, and so on. Are you hungry yet?

 Dripping with butter, we both opted for a roasted corn on the cob.

Delicious, warm and crispy funnel cakes...I'll take one for The Teenager please.

The festival sits on the grounds of the old tabernacle on Main Street. Trees surrounding the timeworn building reach skyward and music drifts up and dances through the old pines.

 Classic face painting delights both children and their parents.

Bummerfest activities include a children's art yard where little ones can create a variety of art projects themselves.

As we began to wind down Bummerfest 2011, we strolled by this woodworking booth. The craftsman takes antique wood items and re-purposes them into new pieces of furniture.

Turned topsy turvy on it's side, this old door becomes a magnetic memo board.

I can't explain it...somehow this clever door is now hanging on the wall of my home. My plan...fill it with some of my most favorite photos.

The gorgeous colors, textures, sights, smells and sounds of Bummerfest...imprinted in my creative soul for another day. 


  1. Wow, this is awesome Lisa! And wonderful photos, as usual. :)

  2. Question: Why did we start calling it bummerfest???

  3. Clever idea for a magnet board, now I'm just wondering what wall now has this door hanging on it. I'm thinking a mini version would be awesome! I also want to know why you call it bummerfest? Looks like lots of goodies to explore.

  4. My mouth is still dripping over that funnel cake. YUMMY!! Not sure my husband would wear a hourse hair braided bracelet, but he wears a leather one:) What a beautiful event.